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The Monday Knights recently hosted our Battletech Auction Tournament. Where each player is given 50 Million C-bills and we are to big on a range of mechs, we get to see the mechs we bid on them. This by it’s nature is not a fair system, some people wait for something they like, some people buy everything. So we had people with 3 mechs and some with 2 or 1. The TO organised the mechs and sheets for all players so it was pretty easy for new and old players we only need dice. Clearly as it is an auction it is mean to be fun, loads of yelling for bids, and so on. While most of the mechs are Intro tech I myself got an advanced Locust, but that is it. One mech for me, I should have jumped the grasshopper but I didn’t. Too bad so sad.

There were 3 games across the day, with a range of missions:

Scenario 1: Frontline Combat The game runs for 7 turns or 2.5 hours, whichever comes first. Victory is determined by the total BV destroyed by each player. Whoever destroys the most BV wins. A mech that leaves the board, either with its own movement or by being pushed/displaced, only counts for half as much BV as if it was destroyed normally. If BV values are tied, the result is a draw.

Scenario 2: Objective Raid Place one Objective Marker at the center of each map sheet. The game runs for 7 turns or 2.5 hours, whichever comes first. Victory is determined by Victory Points. A side gains a single victory point at the beginning of each turn for every objective marker it controls. The side with the highest Victory Point total at the end of the game wins. If sides have exactly the same victory points, the result is a draw.

Scenario 3: Salvage One Objective Marker is placed in the centre of the board. The game runs for 7 turns or 2.5 hours, whichever comes first. The central Objective Marker is a Salvage Mech carrying valuable loot. Each turn, the player in control of the Objective Marker at the beginning of the turn may move it as if it was a Mech with movement profile 4/6/0. The Salvage is far too valuable to destroy, so the Objective Marker may not be targeted. The player with control of the Objective Marker at the end of the game wins. If no one has control of the objective marker, the result is a draw.

My Game one was against one of the two players with 3 mechs. This was a long war even for the poor locust with 2 medium pulse and 1 ER Medium laser. Facing, Commando, Marauder and a Shadowhawk. This is a hit and run game, but what you want to hit is the rear, the Commando took some damage early and there was my chance turn 7 ran in tried to finish off the damaged Commando, unfortunately I didn’t hit the ammo bins.. would have been fantastic. finally caught in that turn the big guns and down the locust went.

Run brave Locust

Game 2 was against one of the one mech players also with a single Mech a Battlemaster. This is the Locust’s game, with 17 run move and an objective to hold. The Battlemaster however can not get to the objective in turn 1 so is going to be behind. The Battlemaster did come for the locust, but the locust ran away, to claim the victory.

Game 3 was also against a person with 1 mech.. a king crab.. we had to escort a mech away that mech moves 4/6 so for 6 turns the locust kept the shooting at 0… the final turn though was not going to be as much fun, moving through forests and maintaining control of the salvage was critical.. but I could not move to a space where I was ‘Safe’ I was going to take some fire. So I made it as hard as I could… 11’s to be hit.. an 8% chance of an AC20 ripping the Locust apart… and well the locust got hit, it does not end well from there. Damaged up into the centre and the mech falls. Nobody in control of the salvage.

Over all it was a lot of fun, Thanks to the TO for running the event and providing all the Mini’s sheets and stuff. The last table I played on was one from Battlefield accessories, from their Microscale Flex Hex System (TTR). And to Milsims for also sponsoring the day. Also thanks to the winners, the not winners and everybody I played for a great day.

25 / 100


Floppy has been playing wargames poorly for over 20 years. A founding member of the Monday Knights.

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