BB: USC (Necromantic)

BB: USC (Necromantic) 2

BB: USC (Necromantic) 3
My next Bloodbowl team was a Necromantic one. This team is also based on a College Football team, this time it’s Universty of Southern California (USC). The logo is also based on USC’s and uses the UnifrakturCook font hosted by Google Fonts. I’ve named the team Universitas Sudus Caemeterium.




Flesh Golems:



Number Player Position
1 Professor Bones Wight
2 Professor Scapula Wight
3 Professor Ghastly Ghoul
4 Professor Ethereal Ghoul
5 Professor Emeritus Claw Werewolf
6 Professor Emeritus Teeth Werewolf
7 Lecturer Ong Flesh Golem
8 Lecturer Urgh Flesh Golem
9 Eugene Undergrad Zombie
10 Freshman Frank Zombie
11 Sophomore Stan Zombie
12 Junior Jake Zombie
13 Senior Steve Zombie
14 Student Stephanie Zombie


  1. Werewolves
  2. Zombies
  3. Wights & Ghouls
  4. Flesh Golems