Completed Projects

Contrary to appearance, I have actually finished some projects. I guess that’s not entirely true, because of the nature of the hobby there are always things you can add. A Bloodbowl team might get another Star Player, a Malifaux crew a new Henchmen, or an Army a new core or support option. However, below there are a number of projects that are at a point where I don’t have any additional plans for them.

Bloodbowl Teams:

  • Orc State: An 18 player Ork team; painted in dark blue and white (inspired by the Penn Statue college football team).
  • Universitas Sudus Caemeterium: A 14 player Necromantic team; painted in crimson and gold (inspired by the USC college football team).
  • A Chaos team with 12 players painted in green and black as part of a commission.
  • A Chaos Dwarf team with 15 players painted in green/black (matching the above) as part of a commission.
  • Jabba The Orcs: An 18 player Orc team; painted a la the movie, but a bit brighter. This team was another commission lot.
  • Another Chaos Dwarf team with 15 players painted in a traditional red/yellow as part of a commission.

Historical Forces: