BB: Orc State

BB: Orc State 2

BB: Orc State 3
My first three seasons of Bloodbowl were spent playing with these Orcs. The miniatures are mostly by Meiko. Who, unfortunately don’t seem to be making any new teams. The only non-Meiko miniature is the Chainsaw player, who comes from Willy.
I based their paint scheme and the logo on Penn State College Football.



Black Orc Blockers:




Star Player:

BB: Orc State 4


Number Player Position
1 Orclid Blitzer
2 Nicolai Torcla Blitzer
3 Orcimedes Blitzer
4 Ramanorcjan Blitzer
5 Pythorcoras Thrower
6 Orclois Black Orc Blocker
7 Albert Orcstein Black Orc Blocker
8 Lorcrange Black Orc Blocker
9 Furiorc Black Orc Blocker
10 Orcenheimer Line-Orc
11 Steven Horcins Troll
12 Orcistotle Line-Orc
13 Coporcnicus Line-Orc
14 Corcchy Line-Orc
15 Leonard Orcleur Thrower
16 Bite-Size Goblin
17 Short-Snack Goblin
22 Orcslaw Chainsaw Starplayer


  1. Line-Orcs
  2. Black Orc Blockers
  3. Orc Throwers
  4. Orc Blitzers
  5. Troll
  6. Goblins
  7. Orc Star Player
  8. Orc Starting Team
  9. Orc State Logo