About the Monday Knights

For more than 20 years the Monday Knights have been devoted to wargaming, international intrigue and the consumption of frosty cold beer.

The Monday Knights are not devoted to a single wargames rule set or wargame genre – you will find that there are very few games that we don’t play or are not willing to try.

Games played include, but are not limited to, ADLG, Area Rex, BattleTech, Bloodbowl, Bolt Action, Cruel Seas, DBx, Flames of War, FoG N, General Quarters, Malifaux, Mordhiem, Necromunda, Star Wars Armarda, X-wing

Apart from one-off games, the Monday Knights regularly run campaigns that run over a number of weeks, we send “delegations” to conventions and open days. In fact, you have probably seen us in a car park near you!

Monday Knights also hosts a number of competitions each year.

Where we meet

Where we meet:

Auburn Bowls Club Monday evening between 6pm and 11pm

2b Munro Street Hawthorn East, Victoria.

Due to the venues being a licensed premise, minors are only permitted under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Which by definition means their parents and not any of the members of Monday Night’s.

Membership fees are $5 per night casual membership or $88 for a twelve month membership. First visit is FREE.


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