Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Dungeons & Dragons 5e 2

We are in the middle of our 6th lockdown.  looking for anything to do that keeps us in human contact.  With no gatherings of any sort allowed physically one of the Monday Knights offered to GM some D&D.   For me the last time I picked up D&D was in 3rd Ed. I sort of looked … Read more

5 Hoplites for Mythic Battles Pantheon

5 Hoplites for Mythic Battles Pantheon 8

A little continuation of the Mythic Battles Pantheon project. Another troop unit, but this time it’s time for some Hoplites. Now, historically the Spartans would have been called Hoplites (and also probably would have had a spear as their primary weapon) so the last post and this one are a little mixed up. However, this … Read more