Late night Motel Demons

The last couple of weeks has kept me on the road & spending far too many night in 2-star motels.

Getting thoroughly sick of nothing to do but watch Netflix on my mobile phone, I packed a model making travel pack & made a start on putting together my Abassyl Vanguard miniaturesLate night Motel Demons 1

Made a start on the Abyssal booster pack which contains a Warlock, Seductress and a Despoiler. All miniatures in the Booster pack are resin with a pleasing level of detail presents a good opportunity for paining. First up was the Seductress.

Late night Motel Demons 2

The resin cast was pretty clean & easy to remove from the sprue. Some of the parts – particularly the wings – are very fine. I wonder how these will survive the rough and tumble of gaming in the long term

Late night Motel Demons 3

All in all a very nice miniature

Late night Motel Demons 4

Next up was the Despoiler.

Late night Motel Demons 5

Nice easy kit to clean up and put together and who doesn’t love a giant demon crab beast. I am really looking forward to painting this one.

Late night Motel Demons 6

Last one to go together was the Warlock which for me was the most frustrating.

Late night Motel Demons 7

Fiddly little pieces, hard to get the wings I the right place and a big seam where the cloak meets the miniature that will need to be sanded and filled – not to mention the tail that just did not want to stay glued on. I didn’t pack a pin vice in my travel pack. It really should have been pinned, but after several attempts it finally stayed put. Also worryingly about this miniature is all the little “standards” sticking out from the top. The resin seems to be reasonably flexible, but once again I worry how robust these will be in the long run. Only time will tell.


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