Star Wars Armada Fleet Tool

It’s been a productive time in Nanotank labs over the last couple of weeks. Almost no miniatures have been painted, but a couple of other miniature related projects have progressed nicely. The first one is a fleet builder for Star Wars Armada that I’ve called swaft. I’m a fan of minimalist interfaces so it’s fairly … Read more

1500pt Scourge Force

Things have been a little quiet here: mainly due to the holiday season and the extra-curricular activities that entails. However, the other big event here is Cancon, which is Australia’s largest gaming convention. While it has not yet occurred, I’m playing 2 days of Dropzone Commander and I have needed to finish painting my Scourge. As a result it’s been a fair bit of painting and organising things and not so much blog posting.

However, I figured to put something up I’d throw up a picture of my forces and the list. First the picture:


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Australian Hind Commander Strike Group

Now that my USMC strike group is nicely put together, I’m thinking about my next Hind Commander project. The USMC strike group is a pretty blunt instrument: it’s based heavily around the AWACs lighting everything up and the Vipers come in to destroy what needs destroying. The Venoms are there in case I need a transport and the Kiowa to call in the airplanes.

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Dropzone Commander – AA Unit Analysis I

Unfortunately I’ve been sick all week so there’s been no painting. Next week is also going to be lousy for painting as works sending me to NZ. However, I’ve been doing some more playing with Dropzone Commander unit statistics. This time, I’ve compared the core AA units for each faction: the UCM Rapier, the PHR Phobos, the Scourge Reaper and the Shaltari Kukri.

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Dropzone Commander – Sabre vs Katana Analysis

In a previous life I did a lot of mathematics, and sometimes I turn this to productive use. Other times I turn it towards miniature gaming. Now, when a lot of people try to analyse games they typically calculate the expectation for an outcome and compare that. Expectation is one way of looking at probability, particularly if you run a casino or lottery. However, if your experience of the probability is going to be a couple of hundred events (like in a game of something) then it’s awful. As guess what – the expectation is unlikely to come true. Some examples of the failure of expectation: a dice roll gives you 3.5, your pay-off from the lottery is about 50c for every $ you put in and everyone has 1 testicle. What we’re going to look at is the probability of what you want happening, which is harder to calculate, but much more useful.

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New Dust Warfare Project

In the interest of continuing to jump around projects like a mad man I’ve got a new project lined up. Myself and a couple of others will be running some demo games at Little Wars, which is a convention that runs down here in Melbourne (Australia). Now, where still working out the details of what we will be doing, but basically I’m going to need to paint some Dust minis and build some terrain. Fortunately I’ve been wanting to do these two things regardless. So Little Wars gives me a clear motivation and a deadline; two things that greatly improve my productivity.

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