June 2024 Recap

June 2024 Recap 1

Our Necromunda: Underhive and Frostgrave campaigns continued in June, along with many other games being played. The Necromunda Dominion campaign kicked into high gear with the Take Over phase. During this phase of the campaign, players are attempting to take control of other players’ territories which were gained in the Occupation phase. Surprisingly, not many … Read more

April 2024 Recap

April 2024 Recap 3

April 2024 saw a fair amount of Legions Imperialis being played at the club. This month saw the debut of a 3000 point game. Otherwise 2000 point games were the most common as everyone builds up their armies. Other staples this month included ADLG (Art De La Guerre), Conquest: Last Argument of Kings, Kill Team, … Read more

5 Hoplites for Mythic Battles Pantheon

5 Hoplites for Mythic Battles Pantheon 4

A little continuation of the Mythic Battles Pantheon project. Another troop unit, but this time it’s time for some Hoplites. Now, historically the Spartans would have been called Hoplites (and also probably would have had a spear as their primary weapon) so the last post and this one are a little mixed up. However, this … Read more