Proxy Imp Swarm – Part 2

It is tough putting together Imp swarms for Vanguard for the Forces of the Abyss warband. Unfortunately the Mantic games Forces of the Abyss sprues only have one Imp figure per sprue and each swarm base needs four or five figures per base.

My first attempt at proxy miniatures was using resin grots from (now defunked) Pardulon Miniatures. Unfortunately these are now out of production – and have been out of production now for some time.

Proxy Imp Swarm

The quest was on to find a proxy to replace my proxy Imps. The solution was found in the very economic Eureka Miniatures Club 400 white metal Fantasy 10mm Ogres (15 pack)

I picked up these miniatures during the height of our Vanguard campaign – September last year. When I received them, I cleaned them up, base coated them and that is where they sat. Sitting on my painting table waiting to be finished.

With a little extra time while in Coronavirus lock-down I have had the chance to clear some of my unfinished projects off my painting table.

Same colour pallet used for my fist batch of Imps was used again – GW Flesh Tearer Red, Sunburst Yellow, Skull while teeth.

It is good to clear this project off my table. This only leaves my Lurkers and Seductress left to paint to complete my Forces of the Abyss Vanguard warband. (I think I know what I will be painting next…)





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