Abyss Warband finished – for now…

Short post for tonight. Gamers all know this feeling – the feeling of satisfaction of painting that last miniature to complete a project.

This week end – painted my last three figures to complete my Vanguard – Forces of the Abyss warband. Well – the last “unpainted” miniatures have been painted at any rate

Back in Jan after paining my Blood Masques, I wondered how long it would take me to finish this project – apparently the answer is seven months…


So here we are – my last unpainted miniatures for my warband two Lurkers and a Seductress.

Painted with GW Blood Angles Red and Black Templar contrast paints – gold & silver sharpie pens used to give the armour some bling.

Here they are with the whole warband. It is a good feeling when the last unpainted miniature is done 😀


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General POTUS

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