Clan Jade Falcon – Alpha Trinary Beak

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The final post of my Clan Jade Falcon – Alpha Trinary Beak, or the last part of the Alpha Trinary really. The Beak is meant to be the weapon that does all the fighting for Jade falcon. These Mechs can take on most things, the Vulture has a pair of LRM 20’s, Large Pulse and Medium Pulse Lasers, it is a missile boat.

The Black hawk or Nova is called that because it overheats and goes nova. It has 12 medium lasers and not enough heat sinks, generates 65 heat when it alpha strikes, but can only dissipate 36,  so if you run and fire everything the Mech shuts down automatically. Not a great design really, but then again in Battletech nothing is perfect.

We know about the Loki’s, that leaves the Fenris.  The Prime has an ER PPC, ER Small Laser and a Streak SRM 2.  no heat issues, and moves very fast however not the best design in class that belongs to the D variant.

The Mech’s of the Beak

Vulture (Mad Dog) Prime Config

Black hawk (Nova) Prime Config

2 x Loki (Hellbringer) Prime Config’s

Fenris (Ice Ferret) Prime Config

That is 285 Tons, or in BV 2.0 that comes in at 15,839 BV.

Vulture (Mad Dog) Prime Config

Clan Jade Falcon – Alpha Trinary Beak 1

Black hawk (Nova) Prime Config

Clan Jade Falcon – Alpha Trinary Beak 2

Loki (Hellbringer) Prime Config’s

Clan Jade Falcon – Alpha Trinary Beak 3

Clan Jade Falcon – Alpha Trinary Beak 4

Fenris (Ice Ferret) Prime Config

Clan Jade Falcon – Alpha Trinary Beak 5

What is on the Work Bench?

More Clan Mechs, I have Bravo Trinary sitting on there ready to get some colour.  We have all sorts of great mechs and variants in that batch.



69 / 100


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