Battletech Unseen Mechs

Robotech Mecha for Battletech

We have an upcoming game of Battletech, Lance V Lance (4 on 4) at 5000 BV 2.0, from the Master Unit lists.  I decided that I should use some Classic Battletech Unseen Mechs.   Why are they unseen, well that stems from some of the mechs look remarkably like those from Macros, Robotech, Crusher Joe … Read more Battletech Unseen Mechs

15mm Medieval Mounted Troops Part 1

Some of the Cav all together now.

I have finally started painting parts of the 15mm Medieval troops I have had for a very long time.  So I have broken down this project to different troops. I have started with my 15mm Medieval Mounted troops as a multipart post.  Firstly because there are a lot of horses secondly because I am finding … Read more 15mm Medieval Mounted Troops Part 1