The Monday Knights Get Feudal!

An ADLG V4 Competition
The Monday Knights is proud to be hosting an ADLG tournament on the 30th & 31st of July 2022. The tournament will be held at the Auburn Bowls Club (2B Munro St, Hawthorn East VIC 3123).
Players will choose an army from the Feudal period of the rule book. Allies can only be selected from the Feudal period as well. Armies are to be no more than 200 army points. 15mm armies are to be used.
The tournament will be held over 5 rounds using the ADLG V4 rules and army lists. The rounds will commence at 9.30am on the Saturday (3 Rounds) and 10.30 am on the Sunday (2 Rounds). Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time so we can confirm numbers and the draw.
Games will go for 2 hours and between 20 and 35 minutes (2 hours 20 minutes + 0 – 15 minutes randomly allocated). Players will be warned at the 2hour and 20 minute mark and are to complete the current phase and end the game when time is called.
First round will be random pairings, with subsequent rounds being done by Swiss Chess Draw.
Their will be three playing umpires. Playing umpires cannot rule in games they are currently playing in.
Unfortunately, there are no convenient local food options. The Monday Knights will be organising a pizza delivery (please bring cash), but players should feel free to bring along lunch. There are a few snack items as well as alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks available at the bar.
Register for attendance at
Please submit your list no later than the 29th July to for checking
Penalties will apply for late lists.
Entrance fee is $20 cash for the two days (or $10 cash for single day entries)
49 / 100


Floppy has been playing wargames poorly for over 20 years. A founding member of the Monday Knights.

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