Abysall Despoiler

Found myself with a little time and thought that I would just slap a base coat of Flesh Tearer red onto my Abysall Despoiler – after all who doesn’t go straight to the big guy when starting to paint a new project

I probably should have taken some more WIP photos as works were under way – I had no intentions of jumping into a full blown paining session. I just found myself in one of those joyous zen-painting-moments. I blocked out the red, & went straight on to blocking out the pink for the crabs legs & before I knew it this bad boy was ready for some clear coat – total painting time around 45min and an absolute pleasure to paint

Yes – I know – he is on a round base. I have a couple of “Battle Ready Bases” from Gamers Grass. I think the winter bases are a nice contrast for the “Red” Demons. Unfortunately Gamers Grass doesn’t do large square bases. I will put it on a square template which will clearly show line of sight and when the Despoiler is attacked from the rear (the only way anyone would want to attack a Despoiler…)

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