April 2024 Recap

April 2024 saw a fair amount of Legions Imperialis being played at the club. This month saw the debut of a 3000 point game. Otherwise 2000 point games were the most common as everyone builds up their armies. Other staples this month included ADLG (Art De La Guerre), Conquest: Last Argument of Kings, Kill Team, … Read more

Homemade Foam Miniature Storage

I recently dusted off my big old box of BattleTech miniatures and opened it to find an assortment of miniatures I had collected over the years, some painted, some partially assembled, but most of them still in their original blister packs. If I was going to assemble, paint, and take these miniatures out to play, … Read more

Making a Mausoleum

Frostgrave‘s first scenario is called The Mausoleum, and it requires, you guessed it, a Mausoleum as the central terrain piece. As I am totally into Frostgrave and Kings of War: Vanguard at the moment, and the fact that cemeteries make great backgrounds with fantasy skirmish games, I needed no other motivation to get stuck into … Read more