Saga Order of St John Spearmen

Spearmen Warriors

My SAGA Order of St John warband continues to grow with the some Fresh faces as Spearmen.   These are still the Fireforged Games troops, that I also used on the Crossbowmen. I have been block painting the my Order of St John to speed up the production of units, but also so I don’t burn … Read more Saga Order of St John Spearmen

Saga Order of St John Mounted Warriors

Mounted Warriors of St John

I have finally painted my Order of St John Mounted Warriors.  I have only had these since 2015, these are the Fireforged Games Mounted Sergeants.  Bases are old Galeforce 9 bases, and they’re going to be part of a Saga crusader warband. The real story here is not the Men-At-Arms; it is the horses. I … Read more Saga Order of St John Mounted Warriors

Anglo-Danish Hearthguard – Dane’s Axes

Anglo-Danish Hearthguard - Dane's Axes 21

Again, these have been sitting around waiting for me to base with static grass, but now they’re done and there weren’t any shields. Yeah! Most of the colours are the same as for the Anglo/Viking Warriors. However, I made the following tweaks to the common elements Chainmail, Helmet & Axe Blade: Base: Oily Steel (VMC … Read more Anglo-Danish Hearthguard – Dane’s Axes

Anglo/Viking Warriors

Anglo/Viking Warriors 27

My Saga (Viking Age) army is Anglo-Dane and their warriors . However, there is not a lot of difference between some of the figures for the different factions so I can also use these as Anglo-Saxon or Viking (and probably others too). I haven’t given them a consistent colour scheme as it doesn’t really fit … Read more Anglo/Viking Warriors