Mail Call – Gaslands Factory Seconds

Very happy with today’s mail call

After painting up the Gas Lands wrecks I thought I would grab some proper Gas Lands gates & dice.

Found some “factory seconds” on Etsy and thought I would give them a go … aslands-ho … -skid-dice

While I was on the web site & already paying for shipping I also grabbed a factory seconds Viking hut which I would paint up for Vanguard

So it all arrived today & this is what I got

Let me say again how happy I am with today’s haul.

First up – I am struggling to figure out why these are factory seconds.

Sure different colour resin was used for the Gas Lands gates and there is the usual 3D print lines & fuzz, but I wouldn’t be disappointed in that with the “first grade “ product. Nothing missing, detail as good as expected for a 3D print, no warped pieces. Two of the small towers has a broken off peg, but the piece was in the box & easily reattached (honestly I think that this damage might have happened in shipping)

As for the Viking hut and the dice – both are perfect. The hut is all straight, no damage, no warps or misprint. Dice again are perfect – and they are crystal dice, not the cheaper opaque.

Secondly – the quantity. I was expecting enough pieces to make up 4 gates (as advertised on the website) – what I received was enough to make 8 gates with some extra bits left over. Same deal with the skid dice – I was expecting 12 and received 24.

They also sent a discount code for a 20% discount – “SUMMER2020”

All in all – I am pretty pleased with today’s delivery :D

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