Painting Factory Seconds Gaslands Gates

Unfortunately there is still no opportunity to do any physical wargaming with Melbourne still in Coronavirus lockdown. I have played a couple of games of Battletech using Tabletop Simulator. While satisfying and a good chance to catch up with my gaming mates, I do miss rolling dice & moving miniatures. In between games & waiting for components to download I slapped some paint on my recent Gaslands Factory Seconds Etsy order.

Fairly basic paint job on the Gas land gates. Biggest question was weather to base the gates or not. In the end I carved up the MDF backing from an old picture frame & cut it into strips, a little spack-filler putty & Bunnings house paint samples. I used a bronze sharpie pen to pick out the numbers & letters & gave it a 30-30-40 wash of Nulin Oil – Agrax Shade – Water before flocking.

I think these will look pretty good with my recently painted Gaslands Terrain 

Similar process with the Viking hut – base coat Bunnings house paint sample pots then wash, but with this one I also hit it with a heavy handed dry brush.

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