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I had just finished writing up a couple MK blog posts about painting PSC StuGs and my last couple Vanguard Forces of the Abyss war-band figures when I had this email exchange with Flop.


I had great visions of powering through another couple of painting projects to either add units to existing armies or just make some in-roads into those piles of unpainted lead. No – What I ended up doing was a random bunch of terrain stuff.

My old painting tray has become a dumping ground for low priority & left over stuff. It is hidden in the laundry and over time it has become home to spare parts, loose kits and off-casts from home made resin miniature molds. It actually makes for quite an interesting archaeological dig. The deeper you dig into the stuff that is piled high on the tray gives a good insight into what game systems I have been interested in over time. It was actually a therapeutic process to sort out the stuff on this tray.

What did I walk away with for this “Random Bunch of Terrain” painting project?
– WWII 1/300th scale terrain (Tank Traps + bridges + Warehouses + Country Barns & Sheds)
– Four Hay Stacks (suitable for 15mm-28mm scale)
– Nine sections of fort / village walls (28mm scale)
– A bulk packet of hot wheels cars – a gift from Nige – which I planned to turn into Gas Lands Terrain

I should have taken more photos as I was going. First up was the fort / village walls and the Hay Stacks. (Vanguard Miniatures shown for scale)


Next up was the 1/300th scale buildings, bridges & tank traps.


I really got a blast doing the Gas Land wrecks. Taking apart the cars to remove the wheels was pretty simple – unlike Hotwheels / Matchbox cars, these were assembled using a tiny screw and were really easy to take apart. While they were split into two halves there was good access to the car “windows”. Stealing the idea from Tyler, all the glass areas of the cars were given the fly-wire-screen treatment. Small pieces of fly wire cut to size & glued directly to the car windows.


The two halves of the cars were reassembled and stuck to some small round bases (actually cheese box lids!). A little bit of spakfilla putty around the base, then a quick base coat of brown paint on the bases.


The weathering & rust effects were done with GW technical paints – Typhus Corrosion (a brown paint with a gritting agent – great for mud & rust effects) and Rysia Rust (thick bright orange paint used to highlight rusted sections) as well as a heathly going over with Nullin Oil (Black Wash) as Agrax Earthshade (brown wash). All done with a quick dry brush highlight & some static grass & flock

UPDATE – Still working my way through more unfinished projects mystery boxes. Slapped some paint on some more random terrain. This time 15mm WWII bunkers & fortifications.


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