Send in the grunts

Time to make some in-roads into putting my Vanguard Abyssal warband & flesh out the ranks with some grunts.

The Forces If the Abyss Vanguard Starter pack has a plastic sprue of Lower Abyssal “grunts”. They are a multi piece kit with plenty of weapon and head options – enough to put together five Lower Abyssal grunts.

The sprue also had two imp models (not enough for a swarm) and options for a musician and a standard bearer.

The models assembled easily and didn’t need much cleaning up. I am a little concerned about some of the poses (standing on one foot) and fragile looking weapons – I wonder how these will hold up to transport and rough handling during game play – only time will tell.

Once again – I should have taken some work in progress photos.

I had assembled these a week ago & only today I say down with the intent just to block out some base colours. For this project I have been using the GW contrast paints and I am finding that this is greatly increasing my painting speed.

Flesh Tearer Red was used for the bodies & Skeleton Horde for the horns & hooves.

Weapons & armour are “non-metallic” metals using Black Templar with a white highlight & I am reasonably pleased with the result

Lower Abyssal grunts – ready to join the war band!




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