Some ranged attack & some flying attack

The first game of Vanguard for my Forces of the Abyss is coming up this Monday & I still have a bit of work to do. So far, I only have a Despoiler, five Lower Abyssal grunts and a stand of proxy Imps painted up ready to go.

Starting to think a little bit about how I might like to use the Abyssal’s on the table, I thought I would add some ranged attack and some flying attack.

I had a little time and some wonderful natural daylight this morning & I smashed out a pair of Gargoyles and a pair of Flame Bearers.

Once again, most of the work was done using GW contrast paints, Flesh Tearer Red for the Flames Bearer skin & Templar Black for the armour (I am a big fan of how this non-metallic metal colour combo comes together).

For the flames, I went back to some more traditional Paints (in fact 25 year old Sunburst Yellow, Skull White and Blood Red which is still good in the pot after all this time). I have always struggled with a good flame affect & I feel the muted / washed out colour lets these models down. ☹️

For the Gargoyles, grey contrast paint was used for the bodies & black contrast for the robes. Unfortunately there wasn’t a huge colour contrast between the grey and black- so I went over the black with a pink contrast to give a little colour separation.

Keeping the same colour pallet – I went back to the Flame Bearers to give their robes the same treatment

I was a little concerned how the contrast paints would work for the Gargoyle’s wings – large smooth surfaces which are less than ideal for contrast paints. Turns out the contrast paints are a little more forgiving than expected & I am happy with the Flesh Tearer Red for the wings and Black Templar for the wing ribs.

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