Trophy work in progress – One Night Battletech Madness


The Monday Knights will be hosting a Battletech completion a little later on in July – the “One Night of Battletech Madness”

I thought that I would have a crack at making some trophies for the event & here is the work in progress of the trophy for “First Place”

I started with a plastic “QuickDraw” Battetech Mech miniature from the Battletech 25th Anniversary Introductory box set

The miniature itself is quiet nice, however is showing its age & the limitations of soft plastic miniatures manufacture of ten years ago.

The pose is pretty static & I wanted a more dynamic pose for the trophy. Some quick minor adjustments with a razor saw to raise an arm into firing position and to give the QuickDraw a slight torso twist gave the miniature the more dynamic pose I was after.

Black undercoat was followed by a gold spray paint base coat and a simple black wash.

The trophy plinth started life as a wedding cake pillar (I won’t tell who’s cake this came from so they don’t get in trouble with their wife…)

Simple black undercoat and progressive dry brushing from dark grey through beige to white

All that is required now is an engraved trophy plate & the job is done!

I have some ideas for the “Most Canadian” trophy which will be the next project…

Picture of General POTUS

General POTUS

Monday Knights founding member, known for occasionally losing his pants

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