10mm Monorail

I’ve been working on a few terrain pieces the last couple of weeks in preparation for Conquest 2015 where I’m running a tournament. One of the scenarios I’m planning on running is Moving Target which require a monorail/train to act as the moving target. Hawk Wargames sell a Monorail that fits in perfectly with the Art Deco vibe of the buildings. I wanted something fairly modern looking and not too bright – public transport is usually fairly subtly coloured. I spent a bit of time browsing various real world liveries and eventually settled on a two-tone grey scheme with red accents. A bit of time with the airbrush, masking tape and brush provided me with the following.

Monorail-01Monorail-02The last picture is a close-up of just the engine.

Modified by CombineZPThe colours I used were:

  • Base:
    • Dark Grey Blue (VMA 71.054)
    • Light Grey (VMA 71.050)
    • Scarlet (VMC 70.817)
    • Oily Steel (VMC 70.865)
  • Wash:
    • NATO Camouflage Wash (A.MIG-1008)
  • Dry Brush
    • London Grey (VMC 70.836)
    • Rose Brown (VMC 70.803)
    • Oily Steel (VMC 70.865)
  • Windows:
    • Dark Sea Blue (70.898)
    • Blue Shade (VW 73.202)
    • Blue Grey Pale (VMC 70.905)
  • Details:
    • German Camouflage Bright Green (VMC 70.833)
    • Bright Orange (VMC 70.851)
    • Scarlet (VMC 70.817)
    • Copper (VMC 70.999)
    • Silver (VMA 71.063)

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