Six Incursion APEs

Six Incursion APEs 12

APE stands for Armoured Personal Exoskeleton; which is the name for the USA’s battle armour in Incursion. Incursion is a Wierd World War 2 game, set it an imaginary universe where WW2 didn’t end and instead things got wierd. There are a number of such settings, both in pop culture and miniature gaming. For example … Read more

Templar Army wrapup

Templar Army wrapup 21

This is just a short little post, mainly of some pictures to show the Templar and Crusader army in its full glory. Let’s start with some numbers: 248 miniatures: 51 Cavalry and 197 infantry 70 bases 47 ADLG units & 3 command tokens 1 camp Over 150 hours preparation, painting & basing. To put this … Read more

Templar Knights

Templar Knights 25

It’s time for the big show. French failed aristocracy pumped up on faith and the desire to kill heathens (or poor people). Templar Knights By now there’s not much more I can say, there aren’t any original colours on here. The miniatures are again Legio Heroica, but they’re not the Templars from that range. Instead … Read more