4 Clan Blood Scorpion mechs

4 Clan Blood Scorpion mechs 1

Mechs, Mechs and more Mechs. We’ve had quite a bit of Battletech content lately. But with the Kickstarter out, Tex doing his thing and a couple of decent computer games it is actually a really good time to be a Battletech fan. I did the Kickstarter and ended up with around 40 Inner Sphere and Clan mechs arriving at my door a few weeks back. And I though I should paint a few of them. So I started with some of the Clan, and I desire to do something bright, crazy looking and not that common. Yeah, I should have done some Fire Mandrill shouldn’t I, but I did’t and instead I did some Clan Blood Spirit.

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Soviet BA-64B

Soviet BA-64B 2

Another random project in what is the year of random projects. This time it’s a Soviet WW2 armoured car, I’m sure anyone following along had that in their top couple of guesses. This model is actually a scale plastic kit by Tamiya, as part of their 1:48 range of armoured vehicle kits. It’s a great … Read more

Industrial Area, in 2mm

Industrial Area, in 2mm 9

This is one of those side projects I’ve had going on for a long, long while. One of the games we play from time to time is Hind Commander: a modern era 3mm wargame focusing on helicopter operations. While another game I’d like to play is Modern Spearhead, again in 3mm. One thing that both … Read more

4 Viking Bezerkers

4 Viking Bezerkers 15

Bezerkers are meant to be crazy and nothing says crazy like a half (or fully naked) north European with that look in their eye. Give them something sharp and point them in the general direction of shorter people, and well … it’s not really a surprise that they hit England like a Semi-Trailer and were … Read more

Six Incursion APEs

Six Incursion APEs 26

APE stands for Armoured Personal Exoskeleton; which is the name for the USA’s battle armour in Incursion. Incursion is a Wierd World War 2 game, set it an imaginary universe where WW2 didn’t end and instead things got wierd. There are a number of such settings, both in pop culture and miniature gaming. For example … Read more