Crusader bow and crossbow

Crusader bow and crossbow 1

Part of any good Crusader army are some missile troops. For this army there is a fair bit with decent numbers of both crossbow and bow infantry. As with the rest of this army, it is all Legio Heroica miniatures from their Feudal and Crusader ranges. While these two ranges are nominally for different portions of the Medi-eval/Feudal period we …

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Homemade paint storage

Homemade paint storage 11

Sometimes I feel like, as well as miniatures, I collect small pots of paints. I’d reached the capacity of my existing storage (some acryllic racks by Back 2 Base-ix, an Australian manufacturer). Now, these are good little products that go together nicely with some nice ideas. However, they’re not cheap, will take a few weeks to be made/shipped, don’t move …

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Levy pike & farm tools – Huge new 250 figure project

Levy pike & farm tools - Huge new 250 figure project 18

This is the first post of a new army project I’m in the middle of. This army is another Crusader army, but this time it is the Templars. However, there isn’t going to be any Templars for a little while as I’m starting with the generic crusader component of this project and even then at the bottom, levy heavy end. This is a big project, probably my biggest yet. There are about 200 foot troops and 50 mounted, as well as a pretty cool looking gate tower (serving as camp).

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British Napoleonic Infantry

British Napoleonic Infantry 19

These have been painted for a while (since January), just waiting to be photographed. These were for an event in January (i.e. before COVID-19 stopped all such shenanigans), where we played a Blucher campaign of the 100 days. I was assigned the British/Allied Reserve Corps, which was 7 bases of British and Brunswicker infantry. This might not sound like much, …

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Random 28mm Fantasy Miniatures

Random 28mm Fantasy Miniatures 36

These are quite an eclectic bunch of 28mm fantasy miniatures I recently finished painting for a commission (so I’m not sure of the manufacturer for most). A mixiture of old GW metals and more recent resins by garage and small manufacturers. Nothing particularly special, but this has been the bulk of my painting for a while. Life outside of miniatures …

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Mountain Gut Busters

Mountain Gut Busters 47

This post is from one of our members who is not a regular contributor. Big thanks to Shadow for putting this article together and taking the pictures. It has been a little quiet on the blog; Christmas is a big period down under and it’s not until after the 26th of January that things get back to normal. Particularly for …

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