1500pt Scourge Force

Things have been a little quiet here: mainly due to the holiday season and the extra-curricular activities that entails. However, the other big event here is Cancon, which is Australia’s largest gaming convention. While it has not yet occurred, I’m playing 2 days of Dropzone Commander and I have needed to finish painting my Scourge. As a result it’s been a fair bit of painting and organising things and not so much blog posting.

However, I figured to put something up I’d throw up a picture of my forces and the list. First the picture:

SCRG-Cancon2015Not a great picture, but the scale of it is a lot more than I’ve been doing of late and I really don’t have the room or lights (I’d need 1 or 2 more lights and a really big open table) to get a great picture.

Now, this isn’t a great list, but it is the models I have available and painted. So that makes it the list I’m running. If you use Fight Forces of the Reconquest (the official list builder) you can just use the following QR code to open it up and play around with it.Scourge-Cancon2015-JamesBFor those who don’t use it or don’t want to pull it apart here is a text version:

Standard Army – Clash – 1495/1500pts

  • Oppressors [377 pts]
    • Desolator: Desolator(Overlord – CV 5) [260 pts]
    • Reaper Squad: 3x Reaper [117 pts]
  • Vanguard [429 pts]
    • Reaper Squad: 3x Reaper, Despoiler(+Twin Plasma Cannons) [219 pts]
    • ^ Sharing ^ Hunter Squad: 6x Hunter [210 pts]
  • Warriors [237 pts]
    • Warrior Horde: 3x Warriors, Marauder, 2x Invader [156 pts]
    • ^ Sharing ^ Warrior Horde: 3x Warriors [81 pts]
  • Warriors [94 pts]
    • Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]
  • Occupation Patrol [190 pts]
    • Destroyers: 2x Destroyers, Intruder Alpha [130 pts]
    • Prowlers: 4x Prowler, Intruder Beta [60 pts]
  • Occupation Patrol [168 pts]
    • Reavers: 2x Reaver [108 pts]
    • Prowlers: 4x Prowler, Intruder Beta [60 pts]

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