15mm Medieval Mounted Troops Part 2

Finally after all these years I have put paint to the 15mm Medieval Mounted troops.  This time I have two light horse with bows, two Cavalry with fire arms, 4 heavy Knights and 4 not so heavy knights.

Light Horse with Bow’s

The Light horse with bow are a very new purchase, I need some light horse bow just a couple of stands for some of the later lists in ADLG. I will need to find some more light horse with Crossbow  so I can field nearly every option.

These figures are Essex Figures they are different to the other Essex mounted figures where they are in two pieces. They are pretty good figures, I like they did come in two pieces, though I only painted them so the would look good from a meter away.

Horse with Bows

Cavalry with Firearms

Again these are Essex figures to match the set I did in Part 1.  I am not sure why anybody would want to have an early firearm on the back of horse, but who am I to challenge the wisdom on the Medieval times.


Heavy Knights

Yes I know these are not from the correct period these are more Early Renaissance Gendarmes on Armoured Horse. I find it funny that Emperor Maximilian armour named after him for knights, and he was the one that sort to remove knights from the battlefield and go with mass trained foot with long pointy sticks.  These figures I have no idea where they came from, if somebody recognises them please comment below.   They were fast and easy to paint thanks to all that horse armour and full plate.  I think they came up ok.

Really heavy Knights

The Knight with out the lance, well if I need an embedded General for any reason then, there he is.

Knights on unarmoured horses

while everybody wants all the knights in the world taking these as unarmoured horses will also allow me to field them as heavy cavalry impact or knights.  these were a tedious to paint, firstly I have had these figures for a long time, but I have no idea where they came from, again sort of early Renaissance dress but hey it wont matter for me.  I have no idea if these are the correct horses these knights came with, see they have all been sitting in a box for far too long and mixed together everything, riders, horses etc. so these twelve horses that look ok and I have used them.

Poor Mans Knights

The lances being a single piece with the rider sort of sucks but that is what I have, so I have used them.

I don’t think these knights look any where near as good as the classic knight you see, as in nanotanks Post here those are some classical looking knights.


What is on the desk.

Well that is interesting, I have a massive project for Battletech to do.  That is what is next.

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