28mm Camel Cavalry

Another random project I’ve been working on. These were a Christmas present from my better half. These are 28mm Camel Cavalry for Gripping Beast’s Saga Crescent & Cross. Crescent & Cross takes Saga from the Dark Ages to the Crusades. Given my enjoyment of factions that have a certain self destructive capacity to them, who better than the Mutatawwi’a; the Mutatawwi’a have a mechanic where they can martyr their own figures to gain special abilities.

My progress with these has been pretty slow, but I did start with the biggest miniatures. Who doesn’t love camels?

CamelCav-03CamelCav-04CamelCav-05CamelCav-06Lastly here’s a couple of shots of them all together.CamelCav-01CamelCav-02These are a unit of 4 Hearthguard: I’ve got a couple of warlords, a 4 horse hearthguard cavalry unit, a 4 hearthguard foot unit and an 8 warrior foot unit still to go. That only gets me to 4 points so at some point I should add another couple to bring it to the standard 6 points.

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