3mm Israeli Isherman Battalion

It’s been quite the productive week, the last of the models I’ve recently finished is an Israeli Isherman M51 Battalion for Modern Spearhead. One thing I like about the Israelis is that you don’t need to paint huge numbers; I’ve got a huge number of Egyptian T-55s that will take a fair while to finish.

First I’ve got the commander: the rules just have him on the same base as the others. However, I’ve decided to base them very differently on 20mm discs. It makes them nice and distinct, without requiring a heap of work on a little diorama.M51-CommanderThe battalion is made up of 3 companies each of 2 platoons. I haven’t taken pictures of all of them, but here are a few pictures of the platoon bases. These are on 30mm squares (2m high).M51-Platoon-01M51-Platoon-02M51-Platoon-03M51-Platoon-04Lastly here they all are together: the 3 companies and the battalion commander.M51-Battalion-01

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