4Ground Ruined House

4Ground Ruined House is the start of some World War II 28mm Terrain, I picked the kit up at the LFGS  when I was in there to get some paints, yep impulse buy is there nothing better.

With the Monday Knights starting to play a bit more Bolt Action we need some larger pieces the 15mm scale stuff we have for Flames of War is great for Flames of war not so good for 28mm games.  So when the kit was there I grabbed one to basically see how it is going to hold up to the rigors of being treated like a piece of gaming terrain, ie. poorly.

Being a kit that you have to glue a back and front part of prepainted MDF together to form each of the walls adds a lot of robustness to the kit, so assembly was a touch slower than other single pieced kits that I have put together in the past.

The Kit comes with 5 prepainted pieces of MDF the lower white walls are thicker than the red brick parts, giving some nice depth to the piece.


In the instructions it recommends using an elastic band around the walls so the glue you use can stick them all together, if you don’t have an elastic band you can also use some common sticky tape, but put a little stretch in it so it clamps all the pieces together.

The instructions are simple and easy to follow, but really you don’t need them, the kit is such you can work out what part goes where, it is very well through out and goes together very quickly.

The whole kit only took me 40 minutes to get together, the thing that slowed it all down was waiting for glue to dry.

I am very happy with the speed and ease it went together, and it is a solid piece of terrain, I will need to get a lot more as I found you do need alot more to make a good Bolt Action table with some good terrain density.  This is not the only company that is doing this type of terrain, and I hope to get some more from other company’s and 4Ground in the near future. I would recommend some of this terrain for anybody it looks good, it is pre-painted and is solid.


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