6mm Sho’ts

I’ve been a bit inattentive here of late; the reason has been a bit of progress on a number of other projects taking up my hobby time. First project completed is the 6mm Israeli tanks that first featured a little while back. I’d been putting off putting on the decals because it was a fiddly P.I.T.A. task, but I liked how they looked. I finally got around to putting them on and I’m really happy with how they look.

First a picture of three of them, the hardest decals are on the turret: these are a Hebrew character and a numeral that are really small.Shot-Complete-01The reason I was putting these off are the sheer number of them (15). However, done up like this I’m really happy with how they look.Shot-Complete-02I’ve got to give credit to GHQ though, these models are sensational. I’ve previously talked about how big these things are and the level of detail is very impressive.

The rules me and a friend are going to use are Flames of War. Battlefront recently came out with an Arab Israeli War expansion (Fate of a Nation) and we’re going to tweak this a little to use with 6mm miniatures. Neither of us are particularly interested in any of the other stuff so it’s just going to be a big tank battle. He’s had by far the harder job with a lot more T-55s required than my Sho’ts.

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