Adepticon Preview

Adepticon Preview

Adepticon is just a week out, I have almost finished all my painting.  Or at least I would have if everything had arrived.


I missed last year so this year I am really looking forward to Adepticon again.

Yep all the Epic stuff I ordered from Ebay UK (lets just call it this for argument sake) never arrived.  So I am missing around half of my army, and I have to borrow the rest, it is very frustrating, as I ordered and paid for it all in January.  It was close to $200 of stuff, I built my list around, and as you can imagine I not very happy about it.

On to the Preview.

The Swag Bag.

If you have not been following there is a lot of stuff in this years Swag Bag for VIG’s, which I happen to be one of.  There are two box sets of games, one for Dropzone commander and one for Wrath of Kings, that alone is pretty good, there will be many other mini’s in there as well, samples and more.  Coming from the Australian Con scene, this is something we never see, so I am very happy to be getting this now.

The Gaming

Epic, it is looking to be a good comp, however with price of mini’s going through the roof I think that this maybe the last throw of the dice in this system.  It is a shame cause I like the game, I am not impressed that “Community” feels the need to change the lists all the time, and we have to play with the community written lists but hey it is what it is.

Bolt Action, this I am looking forward to more than anything, I am only playing Tank War’s and this will be my first game of the system, I have had the rule book since day 1, but no army to play with. I have now finished the list I am taking, so it is on to the games.

What else is on

I am looking forward to catching up with people from the Flames of War community, for possibly the last time, after this it is all about packing the house and getting ready to move back to Australia in May.  So I get to see people for the last time, while living here.  Hopefully I can get back from time to time to get some games in, I would love to go back to Bane of War.  I will also get a chance to look at a whole lot of demo’s and shopping, how ever I am just not sure how I am going to get it all back to the west coast.

The painting classes are looking cool, and that is going be great to get one of those in, and I might also test the X-wing waters, but I am just not a fan of pre-painted anything.  Will see how that goes.

Well I am done now, my next post wont be until after Adepticon where I hope to do a wrap up of it.  I am looking forward to it, I am off to Chitown for a bit of RnR before the con commences.



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