Ancient Greek/Carthaginian Camp

The last ingredient for my Carthaginian army this weekend. I need a camp and the rules are pretty liberal on what it can be (even the base size is a ide range). I chose the smallest base possible 40mmx80mm and started filling it with stuff. I started with a Greek style tent from Baueda Wargames, code 15GRK. They don’t have anything specific to Carthage (and nor could I find anything to give me other suggestions), so the Greek felt like a reasonable bet. I also added some miscellaneous pottery and baskets from another of Baueda’s sets (code LGS1). Lastly I rounded it out with most of the pieces from their Field Kitchen vignette (code LGRS7). I’m not sure the last bits were a good idea, as the tent feels like a much smaller scale than the rest of the elements. Anyway it’s too late now, but for my next camp I might just go with tents or the other bits and pieces.

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