Anglo/Viking Warriors

My Saga (Viking Age) army is Anglo-Dane and their warriors . However, there is not a lot of difference between some of the figures for the different factions so I can also use these as Anglo-Saxon or Viking (and probably others too). I haven’t given them a consistent colour scheme as it doesn’t really fit with how I view the era or the game. These are rag-tag groups which have been press-ganged into service by the local Warlord. They’ve had some experience (they’re warriors not levies), but they’re supplying their own equipment and clothing. There are 16 figures painted; in game terms this is 2 points of Warriors.

The shields are a mix of Little Big Men Studios decals and freehand work. These were done before my Carthaginians and so I don’t think they’re quite as good. However, it’s just more practice required, so I don’t think I’ll be buying any more decals. The reason they have been waiting for a while, is I hadn’t based them. I wanted to use static grass (and get it to stand up, but I’ve needed to do a few things to get to that point. In particular I taught myself to solder (poorly), built my own applicator and then had to find some good static grass to use. All this has taken far longer than it should have. The grass I ended up using is miniNatur’s Early Autumn 4mm (SH004-23).

The first batch of colours are what I used for the human elements (skin, eyes, hair, teeth, etc).

  • Skin:
    • Base: Rose Brown (VMC 70.803) & Iraqi Sand (VMC 70.819) — 1:5
    • Wash: Sepia Shade (VGC 73.200) & Red Shade (VGC 73.206) — 1:1
    • Shadow: Hull Red (VMC 70.985)
    • Highlight I: Base colour
    • Highlight II: Light Flesh (VMC 70.928)
  • Eyes:
    • Base: German Camouflage Black Brown (VMC 70.822)
    • Sclera: Sky Grey (VMC 70.989)
    • Iris: Dark Sea Blue (VMC 70.898)
  • Hair (Dark Brown):
    • Base: Flat Brown (VMC 70.984)
    • Wash: Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles (AK-045)
    • Highlight I: Flat Brown (VMC 70.984)
    • Highlight II: German Camouflage Medium Brown (VMC 70.826)
  • Hair (Light Brown):
    • Base: German Camouflage Medium Brown (VMC 70.826)
    • Wash: Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles (AK-045)
    • Highlight: Base colour

Next I have some of the common elements: weapons, pouches, belts, armour, helmets, etc. As well as painting a few shields, I also used Little Big Men Studios‘s Saxon shield decals for most of them.

  • Shield (Back):
    • Base: Chocolate Brown (VMC 70.872)
    • Wash: Dark Wash (A.MIG-1008)
    • Highlight I: Base colour
    • Highlight II: Burnt Umber (VMC 70.941)
    • Highlight III: German Camouflage Pale Brown (VMC 70.825) & Highlight II — 1:1
    • Handhold: German Camouflage Black Brown (VMC 70.822)
  • Helmet, Shield Boss & Spearhead:
    • Base: Oily Steel (VMC 70.865)
    • Wash: Dark Wash (A.MIG-1008)
  • Shoes & Belts:
    • Base: Saddle Brown (VMC 70.940)
    • Wash: Sepia Shade (VGC 73.200)
  • Pouches & Spearhead strap:
    • Base: Brown Sand (VMC 70.876)
    • Wash: Sepia Shade (VGC 73.200)
  • Spear shaft:
    • Base: Chocolate Brown (VMC 70.872)
    • Wood grain: German Camouflage Black Brown (VMC 70.822)
  • Scabbards & Sheaths:
    • Base: Luftwaffe Camouflage Green (VMC 70.823)
    • Highlights: Luftwaffe Camouflage Green (VMC 70.823) & Green Sky (VMC 70.974) — 2:1
  • Hilts:
    • Base: German Camouflage Medium Brown (VMC 70.826)

Last I’ve got the different cloth and linen colours. I’ve tried to include green highlights such as caps, cowls and other interesting elements. But mostly it’s just a random assortment of faded and muted colours. A number of the models have under garments beneath the tunics. I’ve made the undergarments much duller, focusing on greys light yellows and light browns. While the tunics and outer garments will be brighter with blues, greens, reds, darker browns and bright yellows.

  • Light Dirt Grey (under garment):
    • Base: Deck Tan (VMC 70.986)
    • Shadow I: Medium Grey (VMC 70.987)
    • Shadow II: German Fieldgrey WWII (VMC 70.830)
    • Highlight: Ivory (VMC 70.918)
  • Pale Yellow (under garment):
    • Base: Dark Sand (VMC 70.847)
    • Highlight I: Dark Sand (VMC 70.847) & Ivory (VMC 70.918) — 1:1
    • Highlight II: Ivory (VMC 70.918)
  • Grey (under garment):
    • Base: London Grey (VMC 70.836)
    • Shadow: London Grey (VMC 70.836) & Black Grey (VMC 70.862) — 1:4
    • Highlight: Medium Sea Grey (VMC 70.870)
  • Light Brown (under garment):
    • Base: German Camouflage Orange Ochre (VMC 70.824)
    • Wash: Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles (AK-045)
    • Highlight I: Base colour
    • Highlight II: Yellow Ochre (VMC 70.913)
  • Olive Green (accent/outer garment):
    • Base: Medium Olive (VMC 70.850)
    • Highlight I: German Camouflage Bright Green (VMC 70.833)
    • Highlight II: Lime Green (VMC 70.827)
    • Shadow: Luftwaffe Camouflage Green (VMC 70.823)
  • Very Dark Blue (outer garment):
    • Base: Dark Sea Blue (VMC 70.898)
    • Highlight I: Dark Sea Blue (VMC 70.898) & Turquoise (VMC 70.966) — 1:1
    • Highlight II: Pastel Blue (VMC 70.901) — blended with Highlight I
  • Light Blue (outer garment):
    • Base: Pastel Blue (VMC 70.901)
    • Highlight I: Pastel Blue (VMC 70.901) & Blue Grey Pale (VMC 70.905) — 1:1
    • Highlight II: Blue Grey Pale (VMC 70.905)
    • Shadow: Dark Sea Blue (VMC 70.898) — blended with base
  • Crimson (outer garment):
    • Base: Red (VMC 70.926)
    • Highlight I: Red (VMC 70.926) & Rose Brown (VMC 70.803) — 2:1
    • Highlight II: Red (VMC 70.926) & Rose Brown (VMC 70.803) — 1:1
    • Highlight III: Rose Brown (VMC 70.803)
    • Shadow: Hull Red (VMC 70.985) — 1:1
  • Yellow (outer garment):
    • Base: Gold Brown (VMC 70.877)
    • Shadow I: Base & Sepia Shade (VGC 73.200) — 1:1
    • Shadow II: Sepia Shade (VGC 73.200) — 1:1
    • Highlight I: Yellow Ochre (VMC 70.913)
    • Highlight II: Sand Yellow (VMC 70.916)
  • Black (outer garment):
    • Base: Black Grey (VMC 70.862)
    • Shadow: Dark Wash (A.MIG-1008)
    • Highlight I: Medium Sea Grey (VMC 70.870) — Blended(

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