Another Chaos Dwarves Team

If you’ve been following this blog for a little while then you’ll have seen this team before. A little while ago I painted a Chaos Dwarf team in black and green. Well someone else liked them so much they also asked me to paint their team which was the same.

The customer didn’t have a colour preference so they asked me to surprise them. I googled a little and I eventually found a bright red and yellow team that I thought looked great (pictures). Some pictures coupled with my preference for bright Bloodbowl team colours made it a goer.

The different skin formulas, belts and other odds and ends are all the same as for the other Chaos Dwarf team. The main difference is the armour, which I’ve detailed below.

  • Base: Alderaran Red (SC-38) — Airbrushed
  • Zen. Highlight: Mars Orange (SC-39) — Airbrushed
  • Ink: Inktense Red (SC-85)
  • Wash: Red Shade (VGC 73.206)
  • Trim: Golden Yellow (VMC 70.948)
  • Skulls/Heads: Ivory (VMC 70.912)

A recent struggle with some Vallejo red left me pondering paints, and I tried a single Scale Colour paint (produced by Scale 75). You might notice that I’ve fallen pretty hard for their range. As a result I’ve got a new go to range for new paints. I’ve got to recommend them to anyone out there. For my browns, greens and greys I’ll probably stick with Vallejo. However for reds, purples, blues and other bright colours I’m going to be using these more in the future.

First the little guys:

Now the slightly less little, scrawny guys.

Next up are the big guys.

Last up is the really big guy.

And the absolute last image is the whole team.

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