Australian Hind Commander Strike Group

Now that my USMC strike group is nicely put together, I’m thinking about my next Hind Commander project. The USMC strike group is a pretty blunt instrument: it’s based heavily around the AWACs lighting everything up and the Vipers come in to destroy what needs destroying. The Venoms are there in case I need a transport and the Kiowa to call in the airplanes.

In the interest of trying something different, I figured an Australian Defense Force (ADF) might be a good idea. Now, the ADF don’t run many different helicopters and most of them are transport. However, the do run the Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) which has stats in Hind Commander and is a Recon/Attack helicopter. Given the opportunity I figured why not put together a Recon strike-group for something different.

Strike Group
Unit Class Tech Crew Cost Qty. Total Cost
AH-64A Apache Light Attack III III 70 2 140
ARH Tiger Light Recon/Attack III IV 100 5 500
OH-58C Kiowa Light Recon II II 30 1 30
MRH-90 Heavy Transport(2) III III 45 1 45
UH-1H Light Transport(1) I III 25 2 50
F/A-18C Hornet Airplane II 50 2 100
E-7A Wedgetail AWACS III 55 1 55
Medium Artillery I 25 2 50
Heavy Artillery I 30 1 30
Ground Vehicles
Unit Class Tech Crew Cost Qty. Total Cost
ASLAV Modern IFV III 40 3 120
M1A1 Modern MBT III 60 4 240
M113AS4 APC I 25 4 100
Unimog Truck I 15 4 60
Bushmaster Armoured Car I 30 5 150
Land Rover 110 Truck I 15 3 45

The idea behind this group is that it’s an ADF force with a couple of US Army Apaches providing cover (they being the only attack helos are necessary for the legality of the group). The Huey is also there as I need a light transport Helo (the UH-60, CH-47 and NRH-90 are all heavies).

One other benefit of the ADF is that they paint their vehicles in camouflage which will be a nice change from the pretty plain colours the US run with.

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