It was tough to find a suitable BA-64 for Bolt Action, but I found a 1/48 Kit in a model store, I got it and built it.


Some people are scared of model kits cause they have a lot of parts, but they are not that much different from some of the other Kits I have put together over the last couple of years.

Fristly the BA-64 Frames

Well it is more Frame, as in a single frame.  It has loads of parts still but that is not a problem

The Single tiny little decal sheet.

On to construction.  The instructions are really very good to follow you should not go wrong.

The wheels and the two parts it takes to assemble them.

The chassie and drive train was possily the hardest thing to assemble.

You just add on the axles and the suspension at one end and it is done.

The lower part of the BA-64 one part with two doors added on, really fast to assemble.

The top part of the BA is even easier, you have to add on two parts. Then you join the top and bottom

Add on the Mud Guards and Rear spare wheel, and then glue to the running gear.

Then we have to add all the extra’s on, good thing with these sorts of kits the amount of Gubbinz you get.  really makes the Vehicle pop.

The Turret is two parts just glued together, with an MG and a commander added.  That is a 90 degree turn to add it to the Hull.

It is all done and really was that easy.


It is a great kit, really easy to put together and looks great.

What is next on the painting desk.

I have many projects that I have to complete and some sooner than later.

  • My Blood bowl team cause I am dragging my toes there.
  • Some 28mm Napolonics – dragging feet again
  • Some WW2 Terrain
    • Some shops
    • Bridge
    • Orchards
    • Rivers
    • V1 ramp

Oh and the Russian force for Bolt Action, which I have started on, well the AV’s at least doing them all in Black White technique.





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