Bane of War V

Bane of War V has been and gone, and it was a fantastic weekend of gaming for all.



I really enjoyed Bane of War, it was a great event, Red on Blue where ever possible, it was well run, and having the comp inside the Texas Military Forces Museum is a bonus.

This is the second year that I have been to Bane of War, last year was great fun, and this year was as well.  I have previously written about last year.  This year’s event was 1485 point Flames of War, Early War.  Flames is great in Early War, cause pretty much everything sucks, it is not the arms race the Late War books are, where latest book wins.

I took my DAK force cause I really like the desert, I also took a force that I knew would not be terribly competitive,  seven platoons and three of them with three or less stands. It is not a good way to build a force, but I was there more to see people who I had not seen in a while, and throw some dice against people who I had not played before, and play on some really pretty tables I got to do all these, so it is a win win for me.

My List

Schützen kompanie Rifle Company German Early-War
Infantry Company
45 Schützen kompanie HQ
230 Schützen Platoon
210 Schützen Platoon
235 Kradschützen Platoon
225 Panzer II Platoon
250 Tank-hunter Platoon
170 Anti-tank Gun Platoon
110 Heavy Panzerspäh Platoon

This list of from Hell Fire and back.

Yeah really not the Greatest but it is Confident Vet and it is meant to be fun not super competitive.

My Games went:

Game 1:  Fighting Withdrawal v British Armored Regiment (BAR).  3-4 Loss

Game 2: Free for All: v BAR. 4-3 Win

Game 3: Break through v French Inf. 2-5 Loss

Game 4: Hold the Line v British Inf (8th Army). 3-4 Loss

Game 5: Dust Up: v German Infantry.  4-3 Win

So the games were all close except the French game, I had killed two platoons but with Nine platoons it is not enough.. Things just did not work out for me in that game, like most of the games. But everybody that I played were great to play against.  The event ran well, there was not as much herding of Cats as there is normally at events with 40+ people, everybody played hard and had a great time.  In between rounds you can go and look at the museum one thing you don’t expect to find in Texas is

AC 1 "Sentinal" Tank
Australia Cruiser 1 “Sentinel” Tank

It looks a little weather-beaten, but this tank was originally from the now sold off collection at the Melbourne Tank museum. It is not at Camp Mabry where people can continue to enjoy it.

I didn’t get any time to go around and take photos of games going on, I did get some of my games, as all of my games went the full-time, it made it hard to get around take pic’s of all the best armies.

So I leave with my photo dump from the comp, there are some really nice photos and if you can get to Bane of War it is worth it.

[flagallery gid=4]






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