Bane of War

This year I had a chance to get to Bane of War in Austin Texas. It was my first trip to Texas and was keen to get there and have look at the local scene and get a bit of wargaming in.

Bane of War is a Flames of War comp this last year it was Mid war at 1485 points, of armies from North Africa and Italy.  I took a US Armoured Rifle list, something that I had been meaning to take to a comp.

Bane of War is held in the museum at Camp Mabry. The location is fantastic loads of US tanks from WW2 through to some modern pieces.


M1 Abrams

There are some incredible diorama’s


from back in the early years of the west.

The museum is well worth the look at, with the money get from donations they keep it running and do a fantastic job.  I could post photo’s from here all day, but there is gaming to talked about.

Travelling around and meeting people is why I go to comps, we are all there to enjoy pushing toys around the table, I meet loads of new people, make new friends.  This last year I meet the guys from CGR painters, they were great to chat to and had a really good time being around them.

The quality of terrain that people came armed with was off the charts, I got to play on some fantastic tables.

You can’t complain about tables when they look pretty.

So with fantastic looking tables I needed some fantastic looking armies to play against, and I got some.

Firstly My army.

And now for armies that were there on display

Some Objectives

One of the best Units

The quality of tables, great people and a really smooth comp made of a really enjoyable experience, I can’t really remember where I finished up but it didn’t matter, the time I got to spend with some fantastic people was all I really needed.  I have had no better experience than right there at Bane of War.  Of course it is going a head next year but it is Early war, I am looking at going again, but I think I might take something a little closer to home, Aussies.

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