Battletech: 2nd Line Clan Mechs

Poormans Clan mechs

Late last week we had some of the Covid-19 restrictions eased, Earlier in the week somebody suggested that the maximum number of people possible gather for a game of Battletech.  Having not thrown a dice in anger in some 50+ days we jumped at it.

Poormans Clan mechs

On the Friday I was working out what mechs to take…..   I started working on some idea’s then thought, screw it I have these shinny clanners here why not use them.  A good reference for the Clan mech’s can be found here. I Looked at the BV we could use set my mind on the Warhammer IIc.  Once I got painting on friday afternoon, that turned in to the Jenner IIc and Shadowhawk IIc also getting finished, and I had also started the Marauder IIc and Rifleman IIc.  I ended up playing with the Jenner IIc and the Shadowhawk IIc, I should have taken the Warhammer IIc.

The biggest problem is that the Matt Varnish has gone all glossy, if it doesn’t matt down I will have to find some matting agent and do another coat.

I also did all the windscreens using GW Contrast paints, I have been trying to find a use for them, though this might be one.. I am wrong. while it looks ok, the same thing can be done with normal paints and much faster. I possibly didn’t take the green light enough either to give them more contrast.  but hey I got them done pretty quick.

Warhammer IIc

Front of the Warhammer IIc

Side of the Warhammer

This is my 2nd Fav of all these mech’s it has the classic Warhammer look, just bigger.

Rifleman IIc

Rifleman II c front

Rifleman IIc Side


Marauder IIc

Righthand side of the Marauder IIc


Lefthand side Marauder IIc

Most people should know this is actually the Marauder IIc 2, but I have modified the top gun.  I do the sharp angled Marauder IIc that looks like a wedge around here somewhere, one day I will paint it up as well.

Shadowhawk IIc

left side Shadowhawk IIc

right side of the Shadowhawk IIc

This is my Fav mech, not sure what it is I like it just looks better.

Jenner IIc

Right side Jenner IIc

Left side Jenner IIc

And this is a terrible looking mech, but hey it is a SRM carrier how pretty does it have to be.

That is it for the mechs for a moment. Before anybody ask’s yes I suffer from the “oooh Shinny” syndrome as a gamer as well. 

On the Painting Table.

I still have that Sage Point I am painting.  I have done the horses, where I did them with contrast paints as well.

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Floppy has been playing wargames poorly for over 20 years. A founding member of the Monday Knights.

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