Battletech gets rolled out a couple times a year, it is one of those games that is good to play every so often. The biggest problem being that it takes along time to play the game.

BTech LogoRecently we have had couple of nights of Battletech, both games finished, which surprises most.

Battletech was one of the first games I cut my teeth on, I discovered this game along time ago, around the same time I discovered Game Workshops Epic.  I saw an image of the madcat, I was in

This is not the image but it is great.
This is not the image but it is great.

The madcat had me hooked, I wanted all the Clan Mechs, but all I could get at the time was the box with the card mech’s and they were not even Clan mechs.

So the games that have been played recently the first was a mini tournament based on BV2.0 we used 1500BV in 3025 and 3050 era.  The games were super fun on a single map, it was great fun and just plain nasty, we got through 3 x 45min games, what is there not to love about that.

The 2nd game we played was part of the 4th Succession Wars, this game used 12 mechs but it was not a beat them up and kill everything, instead the 4 Assault mechs have to kill 8 medium/heavy mech’s.  The game bogged down a little as we had to wait 10 turns before we knew where we would be withdrawing the 8 mechs from.  It was a good game some classic Battletech head hit comedy.

I think that this is how to play Battletech, small BV value or scenario, that is the way to get the game finished in a reasonable time. But what about Clan…  Well they sort of break the game with pulse weapons. I think you can play with them but limit the game size, so you can finished the game.  But limiting the BV means that most people will get a game finished in limited time, not only that but they will also get fun and furious game in.

It has been great replaying old games, I want to play a few more games, that gone the way of dodo for some time as well.



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