Black Orc Blockers

Some more progress with my Orcs, the Black Orc Blockers are now done. Again, I’m happy with how these are turning out; I’ve got some momentum going on with these guys.


The colours are, in large, the same as the linemen. The main difference is I used a darker skin tone on the blockers. Firstly to add a little visual interest and also to help when playing (it makes it easy for me and my opponent to identify the different player types).

You can see the difference in colours in the next picture. The size is also a bit of a give-away.


Now for individual shots of each of the blockers. I took 3 pictures for the 2 larger blockers. They are huge and are offset a little, so the front on pictures miss half the model.


  • Skin:
    • Base Coat: German Uniform (VMC 70.920).
    • Shadow 1: Bronze Green (VMC 70.897).
    • Highlight 1: 50% German Cam. Bright Green (VMC 70.883) & 50% German Uniform (VMC 70.920).
    • Shadow 2: 50% Bronze Green (VMC 70.897) & 50% Black (VMC 70.950).
    • Highlight 2: German Cam. Bright Green (VMC 70.883).
    • Highlight 3: Lime Green (VMC 70.827).
  • Tongue:
    • Base Coat: Hull Red (VMC 70.985).
    • Highlight 1: Red (VMC 70.926).
    • Highlight 2: Rose Brown (VMC 70.803).

I’ll finish this post with something I don’t normally put up here, a couple of work in progress pictures. Not many, I just had the camera next to the desk and I figured that I would show just how much more depth you get when you do the shadow and highlighting.


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