Cancon 2014 Pictures

Not much going on this site, but I did go to Cancon and pump out a few pictures. These pictures are mainly of the Flames of War and Epic games going on, but there’s a few other things too.Epic-01Epic-02Epic-03Epic-04Epic-05Epic-06Epic-07Epic-08FOW-01FOW-02FOW-03FOW-04FOW-05FOW-06FOW-07FOW-08FOW-09FOW-10FOW-12FOW-13FOW-14FOW-15FOW-16FOW-17FOW-18FOW-19Hall-01Hall-02Hall-03Kursk-01Kursk-02Kursk-03Kursk-04Tanks-01Tanks-02Tanks-03Tanks-04Tanks-05Tanks-06Tanks-07Tanks-08Tanks-09

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The Monday Knights are a gaming group based in Melbourne Australia.  We are happy to play just about any game at any time.

We meet every Monday night at the Auburn Bowls club in Hawthorn East, Victoria, from 6pm onwards.

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