Clan Jade Falcon – Alpha Trinary Talon 1

I am back with progress on my Clan Jade Falcon, this time with the first Star of the Alpha Trinary, better known as Talon 1.  This star is an assault star.  Clan Jade Falcon name their stars after the primary purpose based on weight.  A bit of back ground on the types of stars used by Clan Jade Falcon.

Types of Stars

  • Com – Command Star  (we have seen that in the post I have linked here)
  • Talon – Assault Star (Heavy to Assault weight Mech’s)
  • Beak – Battle Star (Medium to Heavy weight Mech’s)
  • Eye – Striker Star (light to medium weight Mech’s)
    • If a Cluster, Trinary, Binary, Nova, SuperNova or a Star has a wide Range of weights it is called a Eyrie
  • Nova – Combined start of Five Mechs and five Elemental points
  • Strider – Elemental Star
  • Wing – Aerospace fighter Star
  • Mix – a Star that combines services in an unorthodox war

They also call Trinary and Stars based on mission role adding to the titles.

  • Shield – Defensive units
  • Probe – Recon units
  • Sweep – Pursuit units
  • Hold – Pins an Enemy down

In my case here I am doing Eyrie Cluster, this is due to needing a lot of different mechs to play all the scenario books, as well as mechs for limited BV games.  The problem with clan is that everything is better, all equipment and warriors that drive the Mechs. So it is you end up with a lot less tonnage on the battlefield compared to Inner Sphere mechs, so having a large range of Mechs to choose from makes scene.

We are have an Assault star here, so it is Talon.  It is quite plausible to have a Talon Hold Star.  That would be an Assault star with the purpose to pin down an enemy. My first Star is a Talon, plain and simple.  As we move through the cluster I will also have Eyes, Nova’s and Strider’s.  I do not have any Aerospace so the cluster does not have any wings yet.


For this entire project the greens are going to be done with Privateer Press (P3) and Scale 75 (S75) Paints, the colours used are:


P3 – Gnarls Green
P3 – Iosan Green
S75 – SFG-23 Slimer Green


P3 – Ember Orange
P3 – Heartfire
S75 – SC-40 Sol Yellow
P3 – Sulfric Yellow

Yes I am using the same as I did before however I now starting to move around the yellows. they will move more as we get into the project.


The Mech’s of Talon 1

Man O` War (Gargoyle) A Config

Dashi (Dire Wolf) Prime Config

Masakari (Warhawk) B Config

Mad Cat (Timber Wolf) Prime Config

Thor (Summoner) A Config

That is 410 Tons of Death, or in BV 2.0 with normal Clan Pilots a lazy 16,635 BV.   All BV were taken with a Gunnery 3 and Piloting 4 Warrior from the Maser Unit List

The Man O` War is the Star Commander and the Trinary Commander.  However the favourite mech has got to be the Mad Cat.   It is a great looking mech.

All these mechs are current production from Iron Wind Metals  


Man O` War (Gargoyle) A Config

Dashi (Dire Wolf) Prime Config


Masakari (Warhawk) B Config


Mad Cat (Timber Wolf) Prime Config


Thor (Summoner) A Config


That is it from the Alpha Trinary Talon 1, in the next post will be Talon 2.

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