Clan Jade Falcon – Charlie Super Nova Beak

My Clan Jade Falcon – Charlie Super Nova Beak Star finally complete.   with this project I can see the end of the road.  I have been working pretty hard to get it all done while under lockdown, and while I write this, we have been given release to get our lives back..  so my painting will slow down.

This star is full of the medium and heavy mechs that do a lot of with Clan Jade Falcon.  the Loki, I have so many of them, but they have so many rolls in all the stars. Mad Cat’s cause well I had lots of them, and then a couple of non standard Mechs.

The Vulture C, is a twin Gauss rifle versions, a sniper mech.  best be piloted by a good gunner.  And the Ryoken B with a Ultra AC/20.  Both these mechs follow the same problem with all Jade Falcon mechs, they use ammo.  The Ryoken has 10 rounds, and while the Vulture has 32 rounds you are asking a lot from a mech with no other weapons systems.

The Mech’s of the Beak

2 x Timber Wolf (Mad Cat)  Prime Config

Loki Prime

Vulture (Mad Dog) C Config

Ryoken B

Timber Wolf (Mad Cat)

Timber Wolf (Mad Cat)

Loki (Hellbringer)

Vulture (Mad Dog) C

Ryoken (Storm Crow) B

What is on the Work Bench?

The Charie Supernova Eye and two striders.


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