Clan Jade Falcon – Alpha Trinary Talon 2

We are back with more Clan Jade Falcon.  Here is Alpha Trinary – Talon 2 it is almost as big and Talon 1. However this has only two assault mechs, with three heavies that all hit pretty hard themselves.

The Loki has a Pair of ER PPC’s and a Targeting Computer, making it a nasty little mech, meanwhile the Thor has a Gauss rifle and a Large Pulse, if you turn away to face the two assault mechs, the three support mechs can wear you down.  This Stars outlier is the Gladiator, it has Two ER Large Laser and a Gauss rifle as well, this on a 95 Ton mech. Then again it also moves at 4/6/4 that makes it a fast heavy mech with no heat issues that can take a lot of damage.

The star of the show is the Dashi, it has a bit of everything, two UAC/5, 4 Medium Pulse lasers, and 4 Large lasers, then an LRM for good measure.   This is one of my Fav clan mechs aside from the Mad Cat.

The Mech’s of Talon 2

Dashi (Dire Wolf) Prime Config

Gladiator (Executioner) A Config

2 x Thor (Summoner) A Config’s

Loki (Hellbringer) Prime Config

That is 400 Tons, or in BV 2.0 that comes in at 16,853 BV.  The BV is taken from the Battletech Master Unit List

Dashi (Dire Wolf) Prime Config


Gladiator (Executioner) A Config

Thor (Summoner) A Config’s

Loki (Hellbringer) Prime Config


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