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I started painting the Conquest Dweghom army around the October 18th.  This was the time that the Cancon entire system was open and I for one did not know what to play.  Seeing Conquest and I had the better part of an army that was completely unassembled or painted I choose to enter in to the Conquest Tournament at Cancon.  Yep I had choosen to play a game that was new to me, and I didn’t have a complete army for already.  And for some reason one of the other Monday Knights thought it too was a good idea.  Yep NanoTanks also joined me in this brave undertaking. (yeah we know brave is not the correct word but it is the word I am going to use. )  I will see if I can convince Nanotanks to post his army here as well, because it is Stunning.

For those who do not know Conquest it is a massed fantasy battle game using 38mm models. Yep they are big and look amazing.  For the Dweghom roughly based off Dwarfs of old , but really if you want to know more check out the world here at Para Bellum Games.

The fiction is really good, and art work is really good.

My Army List

There maybe no surprises here, but here it is below.

=== The Last Argument of Kings ===

Dweghom[2000 Points]

== (Warlord) Hold Raegh [145]: The Ardent Creed, Flaming Weapon, Fuelled by the Furnace, Combat 1, Combat 2

* Hold Thanes (5) [370]: Standard Bearer, Leader, Herald of Stone

* Dragonslayers (4) [360]: Mnemancer Apprentice, Standard Bearer, Leader

* Hold Warriors (3) [155]: Standard Bearer, Exemplar, Leader

== Tempered Sorcerer [105]: Fireball, Hellbringer Sorcerer

* Hellbringer Drake (1) [180]:

* Fireforged (3) [235]: Standard Bearer, Leader, Flamecaster

* Inferno Automata (3) [180]:

* Hold Ballistae (6) [270]: Leader

The army Builder can be found here 

Hold Raegh

This model I painted before we knew what Cancon was going to hold.  I painted this guy in Non Metal Matallics.  He looks amazing, and the bases are by Thunderhead Studio and I printed them out on the 3D printer.

Big Bad Boss Guy

I am really happy with this guy and I look forward to seeing him on the table.

The Hellbringer Sorcerer

Needless to say this is the centre piece of the army.  A Sorcerer on a Hellbringer Drake, while not a cheap model it was awesome to paint. I painted the Drake mainly with airbrush only doing small parts with a brush.

Sideon Sorcerer

The sorcerer

And yes it is a big shooty beast.

Warlords Warband

Hold Warriors

With all the rest of the models I stuck to the same pallet as I had to paint a lot of mini’s I was not finalised on my list, and I was still learning how to play and what works best. This meant I stuck to a limited pallet and ran with that.


Hold Thanes

Ok this unit is big, and it has extra command models in it.  The Herald of Stone is at the back in the middle.

Warlords Personal Body Guards


In this list these guys are going to have to do all the heavy lifting, if I could have worked out how to have two units and not loose anything I would have 2 units.

The Hammer

Hellbringer Sorcerers Warband

Aside from the Drake which is just 180 point upgrade to the Sorcerer it has the following units.


The fireforged also have a command upgrade in the Flamecaster which is at the back in the middle.


Hold Ballistae

This is a big unit. 6 stands strong. In part I choose this because I saw how effective a large group of Hundred Kingdoms Mercenary crossbowmen were agaisnt me.  Yeah that may be a problem with always playing the same person, we sort of refined our lists against each other.

Crossbows all of them

Inferno Automata

Robots powered by fire and magic…  These are very cool, the models them selves were a pain to put together, but if I had a 2nd box of them I would have 6 in the unit at any one time. hmm I think 5 would be perfect.  But I do not have two boxes I had 1.

Stompy Robots

That is it that is the list.  I have a a few boxes that I have not yet put together and I have a couple of boxes I would like to paint still.  There are still many unreleased miniatures and units for every faction and a new faction comes out in Feb.  (more on that shortly) so It is a little hard to put them on the table with the correct warband leader with little or only a couple of support options.

Overall I am really happy with this army.


86 models Painted

I finished a little while ago.

84 Days Painting.

I know Nanotanks took a couple of extra days but he also has more models.

Cancon outlook

Look being new to the game we are hoping the best, but….  people and dice and lists happen, having never played anything other than 100 Kingdoms, it is hard to say what might happen, there are somewhere between 16 and 18 players. I know every faction is represented, and there are at least 3 other Dweghom players. after that it is all wait and see.  It should be fun and there will be a stack of prizes, and we see what happens.

What next?

That is a good question, this is the first post we have done in a long time, I would like to get back in to the blog a bit but time and life get it the road. but what I can say.

  1. Painting a Spires army for Conquest. One of the Monday Knights has an army that is not out of the box so I am going to see how much and how quick I can get that done.
  2. Napoleonic British… I kid you all not.. I have not started that army I think I mentioned it here on this blog some years ago.. Slow burn army and I have now started painting. go me..
  3. City States army for Conquest. Yep I am not sure what I am going to do with the Dweghom right now, but I am purchasing a City States army, it looks amazing.
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