DAK Transports are finally finished.

DAK Transports are finally finished. I had been holding off sending or posting photos of some of these because I needed time to finish them all, this competes what I need for Adpeticon Bolt Action Tank wars. It all looks good so I am pretty happy.



I have finally finished all the transports I need for Adepticon, I am still working on the crew, but I needed to get these off the desk.  I have been caught by work, and sick family it is eaten away at what time I have.

Overall I am not really happy with the Halftrack or the Heavy Transport. I am thinking once I get back I give them a touch up or more likely purchase new versions and re do them, so I can field other options as well.  All the transports are from Warlord, the Halftrack is a nice Kit as are most of the pieces from Warlord. I am looking forward to getting them on the Table at Adepticon

Halftrack: SdKfz 251/1 half-track

Heavy Field car: Horch Kfz.15


Field Car : VW Type 82 Kublewagon



So there we go, I only have the crew mostly drivers and the MG gunner for the Halftack, and one lonely Flamethrower to go.


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