Dropzone Commander vs 3mm

Just a quick couple of pictures that give an idea of the scale of a couple of the smaller Dropzone Commander units next to a few different 3mm miniatures. The two DzC miniatures are the Prowler (orange/green coloured) and a stand of 3 Destroyers (Grey coloured).Dzc-vs-3mm-01Dzc-vs-3mm-02Dzc-vs-3mm-03Dzc-vs-3mm-04Dzc-vs-3mm-05Dzc-vs-3mm-06Dzc-vs-3mm-07Dzc-vs-3mm-08These pictures were requested by Thaddeus (I don’t get many requests so I should respond to them when I do), and as a reminder, we’re comparing 3mm and 10mm scales. So it’s more than 3* the scale difference.

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