Dust IS-5 Heavy Tank

I’ve got another Dust piece completed. For those waiting for 3mm, soon I’ll have another couple of helos up and then it will be a couple of group shots ahead of some Hind Commander game. However, for the moment it’s about the big stuff: 32mm. The Dust vehicles are pretty cool as they come with detachable weapons that allow two different units out of the one box. This means there’s less painting and plastic hanging around, but still some diverse options.

A variety of techniques and paints are used on this vehicle. The base colour is Gunship Green (VMA 71014) that’s had some colour modulation to bring out the edges and make the model pop. The decals are from Dust Studios. The paint chipping was brush painted with German Dark Camouflage Black Brown (VMC 70822). The streaking and rust effects are all from AK Interactive.

The first variant is the IS-5A Mao Zedong that’s a bit of an all-rounder. Which in Dust means it has a good chance of damaging infantry, vehicles and aircraft.


The other variant is the IS-5B Vladmir Lenin. Lenin is an artillery vehicle. Now the ranges in Dust are a little silly – but the same can be said of almost any 32mm miniature game – so artillery pieces are on-board pieces and get down and dirty.


Thanks for visiting and reading. The next few posts will feature a couple of other Dust pieces, but as I said earlier I’ve also got to put the finishing touches on the USMC helos and base the ground forces.

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